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Ucon.social has emerged as a revolutionary force in the field of social networking, aiming to define the way users interact through a decentralized, secure, and rewarding platform with unique trade mining mechanism.

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Why choose us

  • Vision

    Technology-Centric, User-Focused: With technology as our backbone and users as our core, we envision a future where unparalleled experiences and value creation define our service. Our commitment lies in offering top-notch service while prioritizing user needs and expectations.

  • Mission

    Pioneering Decentralized Empowerment: Our mission is to establish a novel decentralized social network that champions user freedom, privacy, safety, and intrinsic value. This endeavor seeks to set a new benchmark in social networking, emphasizing user-centricity and empowerment.

  • Goal

    A Decentralized Milestone: By 2027, our aspiration for Ucon.Social transcends boundaries—we aim to host over 300 million users and aspire to be listed on the prestigious US Nasdaq stock exchange. This milestone underscores our commitment to growth, innovation, and global recognition.

Trade Mining

Ucon provide a comprehensive Mining package that equips users with the tools and resources to maximize their investment in mining operations. Ucon ensures efficient and profitable mining processes.

Ucon socialfi

Experience a revitalizing sense of being reborn in a fairer and more valuable Ucons social environment.​

  • Communities: Communities can utilize blockchain to join Ucon socialFi, Trade Mining Programs, Referral that fits your need.
  • Creators: Creators launch their content on the protocol by offering promotional rights through UCON socialfi platform, where co-publishers can earn revenue base on their contributions.
  • Traders/ investors: Traders/ investors take part the unique and all in one lucrative UCON TRADE MINING concept.

UCON token

The total supply is 21,000,000,000 tokens (21 billion coins). Allocation of these tokens is as follows:

  • 65% for mining through free mining nodes: This portion is designated for the mining pool nodes to encourage decentralized mining.
  • 10% for Planned Sales: A 10% allocation is reserved for strategic and planned sales of the token.
  • 5% for Community Rewards and Commissions: A percentage is set aside to reward and commission the community for their participation.
  • 5% for Coin Listing: This portion is dedicated to covering the costs associated with listing the coin on various platforms.
  • 5% for Media, Training, and Marketing: Funding for media campaigns, educational initiatives, and marketing efforts to promote the token.
  • 3% for Airdrops, Bounties, and Community Tasks: A portion of the tokens is allocated for airdrops, bounty programs, and community tasks to engage and reward the community.
  • 2% for Advisory Team and Collaborative Partners: This percentage is reserved for compensating advisory teams and collaborating partners who contribute to the project's success.
  • 5% for Development Team and Administration: The final 5% is allocated to the development team and administrative functions to support ongoing project development and management.

A Transaction fee of 1.2% is applied below:

  • 0.5% transferred to the Burning Pool.
  • 0.5% distributed to wallet holders.
  • 0.2% charitable fund


  • 2nd Quarter, 2023
    • Building Infrastructure.
    • Core team Development.
  • 3rd - 4th Quarter, 2023
    • Project orientation Complete.
    • Complete Beta Test on app.
    • Finalize Tokenomics.
    • Market research.
    • Basic promoting activities.
  • 1th Quarter, 2024
    • Presale phase 1.
    • DEX Listing.
    • Token mining system launching.
    • Global partnerships.
    • SocialFI platform launching phase 1.
    • Global Event Launching.
  • 2rd Quarter, 2024
    • CEX Listing.
    • Regional franchise partners execution.
    • SocialFI phase 2 version - Launching event.
    • Upgrading Application to connect business and users.
  • 3rd Quarter, 2024
    • Integrate multi-platform payment gateway and international payment.
    • Integrate airline ticket and hotel booking worldwide.
    • Experience event for the application and travel with UCON.
    • Launching Ucon’s CEX exchange.
  • 4th Quarter, 2024
    • Sponsor Fund for applications integrated UCON token or Ucon’s API.
    • Launching SocialFI phase 3 version.
    • Ucon chain and applications launching.


Core Team

  • Danila Chernov
    Skilled in blockchain industry, always in-touch with the latest news on the market. Managing a team of 10+ people. Multi-project, cross-team management. Fluent English Created a successful marketing strategy for 4 DeFi projects, extensive experience working with influencers, doing 'ad-hoc' tasks daily, launching campaigns, call scheduling, planning content strategy. Highly capable of multitasking and adapting.
  • Rodrigo Corchado Resmella
    As a seasoned Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a decade-long immersion in the dynamic landscape of technology, I bring a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of driving innovation and technical excellence.
  • Antonnie Anouilh
    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with over 5 years of specialized experience in the Blockchain and Voice of International Transportation (VOI) industries. With an innovative spirit and unwavering motivation, I constantly seek opportunities to apply cutting-edge marketing methods and build community interaction strategies to optimize business performance.

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